A second Northern Virginia builder was arrested yesterday on bribery charges resulting from an investigation into allegations of payoffs to Prince William County building inspectors.

Five builders have been charged with bribing a former county inspector, but as of yesterday only two of the builders have been arrested and identified by police.

County police arrsted Manassas builder Earl Miller, 42, yesterday on charges of bribing former inspector Charles J. Wright on four occasions between June 26, 1978 and June 12.

The first arrst came late Wednesday when police served warrants on builder Jerry Lee Lewis, 34, of Haymarket, also on four counts of bribery. Bribery carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison under Virginia law.

No criminal charges have been filed against Wright, who resigned his inspector's job Nov. 30 after serving for nearly six years. Sources familiar with the probate have said White is cooperating with investigators, and is expected to testify for the prosecution at the builder's trials.

The bribery charges resulted from an investigation into complaints that builders had paid off county inspectors to approve faulty or incomplete work at hew housing sites in the fast growing county.

Prosecutor Paul B. Ebert has said he hopes the charges will have a "chilling effect" on builders and will put an end to the payoffs. The investigation is continuing and more charges are expected to be filed, Ebert said.