"Angel Street," the current offering at Round House Theater, is a good scare with a fine cast.

For those familiar with "Gaslight," the Ingrid Bergman-Charles Boyer classic, there is the fun of discovering the play upon which it was based. And those who never saw the movie -- a large number, to judge by audience comments -- have the pleasure of following for the first time Jack Manningham's fiendish plot to drive his wife Bella mad.

Propelling the play along at a lively clip is David DiGiannantonio's dynamic performance as the eccentric Rough, a retired police officer whose persistence leads to Manningham's undoing. From the moment he takes the nearly demented Bella's hands in his to beg for her trust, DiGiannantonio wins the audience's favor, which remains with him to the final flourish of Rough's victory.

Tucker Ewing gives a sensitively shaded portrayal of the delicate Bella, conveying effectively the slender balance upon which her sanity rests. As her husband, Jack, Christopher King is suitably smooth and menacing.

Pamela MacFarlane and Deborah Seidel handle capably their supporting roles as servants.Christopher Insley's set is splendid Victorian gloom and Leslie-Marie Cocuzzo's costumes are handsome.

A tart treat to balance holiday sweetness, "Angel Street" runs tonight through Sunday, and next week Thursday through Saturday. For tickets, call 468-4234.