A bomb blew up in front of the Taiwanese mission to the U.S. in Bethesda early yesterday moments after it was hurled away from the building by a security guard who found it ticking in some bushes.

No injuries were reported but the explosion scattered fragments against windows of the Coordination Council for North American Affairs at 5161 River Rd., which has represented Taiwanese interests in the United States since diplmatic relations were severed last year.

There were about 10 persons in the building at the time, according to spokesman Ivan Wang.

Two security guards found the bomb near the building's entrance at 7:20 a.m. It was in a box the size of a "paperback book," according to Wang. 7

"It looked like a battery," said Austin Chaing also of the Coordination Council.

One of the guards picked the bomb up, heard it ticking and threw it 50 feet across a circular driveway toward a flagpole at the front of the building, Wang said.

It blew up in the air, according to the FBI, which is investigating the incident with Montgomery County police.

Officials at the mission said police told them the bomb was similar to one found on the grounds Aug. 7.