An organization of evangelical Protestants committed to promoting more social concern among evangelicals has warned against an indiscriminate mix of politics and religion.

In a statement, the 40-member board of Evangelicals for Social Action accused American Christians of too often mixing "zeal for building the Kingdom of God with a narrow and uncritical allegiance to partisan political goals, either liberal or conservative. Politicians in turn have used evangelical leaders for their own ends."

The group warned that "there is a danger that evangelicals will reflect truly biblical priorities and emphases. There is a danger that evangelicals will identify America's interests with the Kingdom of God. There is a danger that some ministers and lobbyists will exploit genuine Christian concern for narrow political ends."

The statement offered several principles for evangelical political action, including recognition that every individual is the object of God's concern, special attention to the needs of the weak and powerless in society and peacemaking.

"A united Christian voice for the reshaping of our national life must bear these principles in mind or it will build a monument to human pride and not a citadel in God's Kingdom," the statement said. "We believe that God will confuse the minds and divide the forces of those who attempt to build such a monument, and that he will only pour out his spirit upon efforts which need his work and express the balance and wisdom available in the mutual counsel of the wider Christian community."