Arlington Realtor George P. Shafran has taken over control of the St. Louis-based Homes for Living network as the result of an out-of-court settlement. The 17-year-old marketing and referral operation has 2,200 member offices but is not a franchising corporation.

Shafan, founder of Better Homes Realty Inc. here, said that he and his family now own all of the stock of Realty Programming Corp., which operates the Homes for Living network. The former co-owners, the families of Saul and Stuart Krawll, settled out of court on a suit in which Shafran had charged them with mismanagement.

Saul Krawll was formerly board chairman and executive vice president. Both resigned.

Now Shafran, who was president of the network, and his wife, Angela, who has long been associated with him in the real estate business, own and operate the network as a husband-wife team. Their son, Thomas, who heads Better Homes here, now also heads the guaranteed sales department of the national network.

Homes for Living affiliates had a total of $14 billion in sales and listings in 1978, according to Shafran.

Instead of operating on a franchise basis, such as Century 21, Red Carpet, Realty World and others, Homes for Living has member-affiliates who remain independent but pay an annual dues for marketing, education and relocation services.