Gasoline lines -- longer than any since last summer -- reappeared at local service stations yesterday, according to a sampling of station owners.

"The majority of people are filling their tanks up because they fear that nothing will be open during the holidays," said Ron Spurling, manager of the Old Dominion Exxon at 4035 Old Dominion Drive, Arlington. "This morning when we opened, they were a block long." "They drained us," said Carroll Beard, owner of the Tenley Sunoco at 4350 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

The American Automoble Association said yesterday that only 10 to 15 percent of the stations in the Washington area will be open on Christmas Day.

About 25 percent said they would be open today, according to William Toohey, local division manager of the AAA, and most said they would be open tomorrow but would close early.

The lines appeared to be caused by a combination of heavy traffic from holiday shoppers, motorists traveling interstate, and the expectation that there would not be much gas next week, according to police and service station owners.

"We're busy as the devil," said Hilda Harmon, who runs the BP station at 4625 Silver Hill Road, Suitland.

At 3 a.m. yesterday morning, there were double lines of cars stretching out from gas pumps at Springfield Gulf, 6841 Franconia Road, around the corner onto Backlick Road, and into a nearby parking lot.

Other gas stations reported lines varying from several cars to several blocks in length. Some stations closed early because they ran out of gas.

"Usually we sell about 2,500 to 3,000 gallons of gas in one day," said one station owner. "But nobody else was open, and we sold 5,000 gallons."

Maryland and Virginia state police reported heavy interstate traffic.

Some of the gas stations said they had closed early yesterday because empoyees had asked for time off.

"We're closed for the day," said Steve Zapol, a station attendant at the Shepherd Park Exxon, located at 7401 Georgia Avenue, N.W. "We closed early so we could open up on Monday. Besides, we're having our office Christmas party right now."

The District of Columbia Mayor's office has released the following list of service stations that will be open in the District through the holiday week (Dec. 24 through Dec. 31) with additional gasoline from the D.C. setaside allotments. Hours vary among the stations. Northeast Stations

Kenilworth Avenue Amoco, 1535 Kenilworth Ave., NE, Minnesota Avenue Amoco 4251 Minnesota Ave. NE, Herb's Amoco, 1396 Florida Ave. NE, Patrick's Amoco, 814 Bladensburg Rd. NE, Harris Amoco, 2350 South Dakota Ave. NE, Wards Amoco, 400 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Peoples Amoco No. 2, 3132 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Lloyd's Exxon, 415 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Newton Shell, 2100 South Dakota Ave. NE, Martin Shell, 1001 Bladensburg Rd. NE. Northwest Stations

Downtown Amoco, 1300 L St. NW, Connecticut Avenue Sunoco, 4940 Connecticut Ave. NW, Bill's Sunoco, 2125 14th St. NW, Galloway's Amoco, 2830 Sherman Ave. Nw, Abney's Amoco, 6300 Georgia Ave. NW.

Sims Amoco, 3728 Georgia Ave. NW, Sims Amoco, 1800 18th St. NW, Spring Valley Gulf, 4861 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Embassy Gulf, 2200 P St. NW, Mt. Pleasant's Gulf, 3124 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Davis Exxon, 4501 14th St. NW, Grant's Gulf, 4531 14th St. NW, Georgetown Gulf, 1601 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Southeast Stations

Distad's Amoco, 823 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Pettaway Sunoco, 1248 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Navy Yard Shell, 212 M St. SE, Southeast Shell, 2501 Pennsylania Ave. SE, Southeast Exxon, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Patrick's Amoco, 1201 Martin Luther King Ave. SE, Hillcrest Amoco, 2801 Alabama Ave. SE, Capitol Hill Exxon, 399 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Sims Amoco, 401 15th St. SE, Pennsylvania Avenue Gulf, 2300 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

Of the stations lised above, the following are closed all day Tuesday, Dec. 25.

Connecticut Avenue Sunoco, 4940 Connecticut Ave. NW, Davis Exxon, 4501 14th St. NW, Grant's Gulf, 4531 14th St. NW, Navy Yard Shell, 212 M St. SE, Hillcrest Amoco, 2801 Alabama Ave. SE, Capitol Hill Exxon, 399 Pennsylvania Ave. SE and Sims Amoco, 401 15th St. SE.