Jim Scott, a soft-spoken Democrat from Providence District, says it is too soon to tell what direction the new Board of Supervisors will take.

"I wish I could predict that," he says. "I think we can only know how Nancy Falck will vote on issues since we've been able to see how she voted on the school board. I don't see any signs of a significant change."

Scott says the biggest problem facing the board of supervisors is the form of government itself -- he predicts a change is coming.

"There is a likelihood that we'll eventually become a city," Scott says. "A city has more power -- we can take over our roads. That's important because transportation has continued to be one of our biggest problems."

Scott says the defeat of former Senate majority leader Abe Brault in Richmond is a blow to Northern Virginians, but the emergence of a Fairfax municipality might help regain some lost strength.

The first wave of Fairfax condominium conversions appears to be starting in Providence District, Scott says, and housing will become an increasingly important issue in the future.

"Sometimes some people get overlooked. In a rich county like Fairfax, people forget there are people living below middle income. They are being priced out of the county and yet they helped make the county and its educational system what it is today."

"The cost of housing is shocking -- even those places where there has been moderately priced housing -- the cost is escalating. It's just going to get worse.

While saying he has no solutions yet to reduce the cost of housing, Scott says it should be closely examined by the board.

As for possible personality clashes on the board Scott says: "I don't know that they'll be eliminated by three new members -- individuals don't run for office unless they have a pretty strong ego."