The boyish newcomer to the board is Tom Davis a 30-year-old lawyer associated with the firm of Sedam and Herge in Tyson's Corner. A native northern Virginia. Davis travelled north to Amherst College in Massachusetts for his undergraduate education and returned to Virginia to earn his law degree at the University of Virginia.

Davis served a stint at the White House when "Ford's predecessor -- I can't recall his name" he says -- was in office. Davis adds quickly that his tenure there was strictly pre-Watergate.

Davis says his political opponents have tried to paint him as an extreme conservative by focusing attention on his lack of support for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, but Davis says he is more moderate than that. However, Davis says he will necessarily vote with other conservatives. On growth, he points to his support for Audrey Moore's widely known position.

"I grew up here and that perspective makes me a little different," Davis says. I think the county's growing too fast.

"I will probably line up with Audrey Moore preety often. I'm not really so much antigrowth as (for) slow growth," he adds.

Calling Mason District -- where several elementary schools are being studied for possible closing -- a "time bomb ready to explode" -- Davis says it is imperative to maintain the residential character of the neighborhoods, including neighborhood schools.

"I intend to see that no schools are closed," Davis says adamantly. Neighborhood schools are very important -- ask any realtor."

Davis says he will disassociate himself as much as possible from his law practice to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest -- the firm represents the county in several cases -- but emphasizes that, because of the $18,455-a-year salary, not many professionals can afford to run for the board of supervisors.

"The time required (to be a supervisor) means you have to give up your job and work way below your earning capability," Davis explains. "Right now someone said we have five housewives on the board -- they're all highly qualified, of course, but we need a balanced perspective and that means all types of people."