Joseph Alexander says Northern Virginians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the policies emanating from Richmond.

"The people are getting tired of not getting their fair share from the state," he asserts. "We have got to find ways to shake loose from the control of the state.

"When you're dealing with Richmond, everything gets bogged down -- sometimes it takes a whole year to get a miserable traffic light.

The issue of school closings is also one about which Alexander has strong opinions.

"Basically I share many of the same feelings as Tom Davis on school closings -- that is, there is not a lot of money saved when a school is closed. "I also question the quality of the work done by the school administrators in deciding which schools will be studied for closing.

"For instance, the Clermont school is on their list. It's right alongside of the Gladden Tract -- 80 acres zoned for townhouses. If the enrollment is small now, common sense says it's going to get bigger."

Alexander says the biggest challenge to the 1980 Board of Supervisors is to "find a way to balance the budget without raising taxes and without cutting into programs such as police and fire and the cost-of-living raises for (county) employes."