Since her election to the Board of Supervisors more than a month ago, Nancy Falck has been receiving a steady stream of calls from her constituents-to-be.

Falck says most of the calls are about specific problems such as traffic lights and too many accidents at particular intersections. These alls reinforce what Falck says she believes to be the most crucial issue in Dranesville District -- traffic.

"One of our biggest problems is what to do with the Loudoun County traffic that pours through our district every day during rush hour. With more and more people moving out there, roads like the Georgetown Pike and Lewinsville Road are being flooded with traffic."

Falck favors the completion of roads under construction and says the board should consider incentives -- such as possible tax breaks and special traffic lanes -- to encourage traffic-reducing, energy saving measures such as van-pooling.

Funding for Metro is another of Falck's concerns. "The figures they (Metro officials) have presented to the board are not realistic. They are only taking into consideration an 8 percent rise in the cost of living next year," she says. "That means Metro will be coming back with requests for supplemental funds."

"I have not seen any attempt by Metro officials to control costs," she adds.

Falck says that coming to the Board of Supervisors from the school board will prove to be an advantage to the board as a whole.

"I may have some information which will explain why some requests (from the school board) are what they are," said Falck.

At a school board meeting last week, Falck and her colleagues said their goodbyes. School Board Member Toni Carneg lightened the emotional mood when she quipped: "Nancy, the thing I've always enjoyed about you while you've been on the board is your laughter -- and I'm sorry to see you go -- but God knows, they could use some mirth on the Board of Supervisors."