Emerging from a hard-fought campaign for her seat from the Springfield District, Marie Travesky says she thinks the new Board of Supervisors will be much like the last board -- only a little more conservative.

"Overall, I can't see how county politics are going to change," she says. "Growth won't be a big issue because there's no money out there to build, but our land use policies -- in light of the energy crisis will have to change. "Suburban sprawl just uses too much energy."

Saying Metro has become more and more of a necessity, Travesky suggests clean industry be brought into the county to provide a tax base for the rail system. We want it built but few people are willing to take the necessary steps."

In the fast-growing Springfield District, Travesky says her constituents are in favor of school closings elsewhere because they fear their children will be bused to schools with declining enrollemtns. Many Springfield residents want new schools built in their neighborhoods to accomodate their growing school population.

"I think there are so many big issues facing the new board that the board ought to set a set of goals for itself -- that way the staff would know what our priorities are and we'd be able to use them to the fullest."