Retired Navy Capt. Thomas R. Mackie, 67, a former intelligence and security officer, died of cardiac arrest Monday at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Perry Point, Md. He was under treatment there because of a neurological accident.

Capt. Mackie had served in Washington with the Armed Forces Security Agency from 1944 to 1951. After a year as officer in charge of the Navy's Special Radio Facility in Japan, he returned here as head of personnel in the Naval Security Group.

His last assignment from 1954 until his retirement for physical disability in 1957 was officer in charge of the Naval Security Group Detachment, CINCNELM, in London.

Capt. Mackie was born in Butte, Mont. He grew up in Michigan and Minnesota. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1935.

After serving at sea, he was assigned in 1938 as a Japanese language officer at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. After further brief service at sea, he was in communications intelligence on Corregidor in the Philippines.

Shortly before Corregidor fell to the Japanese in 1942, Capt. Mackie, part of a small group conversant in Japanese, was transferred to Australia by submarine. He served there as an intelligence officer with the (7th) Fleet Radio Unit in Melbourne until his duty here in 1944.

He is survived by his wife, Isabelle, of Bethesda; two daughters, Julie McConihe, of Chevy Chase, and Carolyn Mackie, of Bethesda, and two grandchildren.