Two servicemen and a civilian were charged yesterday with tossing military explosive devices at three homes in central Fairfax County over the holidays during what investigators called a drunken spree.

No one was injured in the explosions last Saturday night, one of which caused an estimated $500 damage at the home of John Burden, 5117 Coleridge Dr. Police said a flashlight sized canister used to simulate artillery fire in military exercises was thrown on to Burden's roof and blew several shingles 30 feet, knocking off gutters and caused interior damage to the house.

Charged with arson and unlawful use of explosives was Army Pvt. Robert K. Yoshida II, 20, of 6810 Jackson Ave., Falls Church.

Fairfax County Fire Marshal Wayne Logan said Yoshida, home on furlough from military duty in Washington state, apparently wanted to "raise hell" with people he had known during his days at Falls Church High School. He said Yoshida dated Burden's daughter three years ago.

The home of another former high school friend was also among those hit by explosives. "This whole thing just scared the liver out of me," said Linda Mellin, of 5115 Holden St., whose son Timothy also once dated the Burden girl. Her lawn was damaged in the bombing.

Explosion of a third canister singed a lawn at 3447 Lancelot Way in the Camelot subdivision.

In addition to Yoshida, police charged Navy enlisted man Charles F. Lightner Jr., 20, of 1207 Ross Dr., Vienna, and Bruce Lee Irle, 20, of 7024 Strathmore St., Falls Church, with three counts of being accessories to the use of explosives to damage an occupied dwelling. Yoshida was released under $15,000 bond and the other two under $10,000 bond each.

Logan described the three suspects as former school friends who had been drinking last Saturday night when they decided to cruise their old haunts.

County fire marshals said they confiscated eight explosive canisters when the three were arrested.