A decade's gone, a new one's here, And in the suburbs, folks aren't clear, What will the 1980s see, In Montgomery and P.G.? Will Metro stop commuters' screams? Will sewers flow again like streams? Will housing prices ever freeze? Will Beltway traffic vanish -- please? No need to wonder, gentle reader, We've dusted off our Future Meter, Set the dials on "Suburb/State," And asked it to prognosticate. "Big news!" the gleaming gizmo grinned, "A county merger's in the wind, "Be here before you get a hint, "The county's new name: Prince White Flint. "The county symbol? Why, an ax, "To TRIM the budget, and the tax. "The county sport? Why, silly fool, "Every week, they'll close a school. The county motto'll have to be, "'Flush the Wssc!' "The county hobby: down to earth, "Figuring what your house is worth. "Larry Hogan should do well, "As county chief of personnel, "By '89 he might locate, A chief of cops no one will hate. "For Congress, unless Heaven save us, "Again will run poor Lanny Davis. "Executive? The memory's dim, "But what about more Gleason, Jim? "Then think of what the merge will mean, "To students of the culture scene, In Palmer Park, ballet, not fights, "A Bloomingdale in Marlow Heights! "In Chevy Chase's wooded lanes, "They'll soon be landing Andrews' planes, "Ann no more can Potomac sneer, "They'll hunt for fox in Mt. Rainier. "The only thing I haven't got, "Is what they'll do with kids and pot, "I'd like to see those 'head shops' go, "But last year's school busts -- what a show!" With that, the meter coughed and gasped, "There's one more thing," it said at last, "The 10-year future, economic, "Shows more prices astronomic. "So I suggest," our tin friend said, "Further mergers are in store, "Would you believe 'Prince Baltimore'?"