What would you like to see happen in Prince George's County in the new decade? Judith Gatling, a 23-year-old congressional aide from Hyattsville: "I'd like to see a more representative government. We have quite a few blacks and Chicanos and other ethnic groups who need to get involved in local government so they can effect change in a more positive manner. Cathe Pattison, a 23-year-old office worker from Langley Park: "I wish there was better understanding between the police and the public. And I'd like to see county maintenance improved. The roads are terrible." Marcel Astier, 49, a Greenbelt heating and air-conditioning contractor: "How about cutting down on taxes. It's getting as bad as Montgomery County here, if not worse. I'd also like to see the kids stop being abused. My kids have to wrap around the Beltway." Delores Royster, a 40-year-old federal employe from West Hyattsville: "I would like to see more Christians in Prince George's County. We need more faith and more loving." June Stokes, a 39-year-old federal employe from Seat Pleasant: "I would like to see them get rid of (County Executive Lawrence) Hogan. He has not produced what he promises in terms of jobs, the police force and segregation."