Efforts by the D.C. Board of Education to elect a new president for 1980 collapsed last night after 12 ballots were taken over a six-hour span.

Frustrated by its inability to break a deadlock among three candidates, the board adjourned until next Wednesday, when it will meet at Brookland Elementary School in Northeast to make another attempt to choose its presiding officer.

All 12 ballots taken last night at Hine Junior High School in Southeast were identical -- four votes for Carol L. Schwartz of Ward Three, last year's vice president; four votes for Eugene Kinlow, first elected to fill an atlarge vacancy last May and elected to a full term in November, and three votes for Barbara Lett Simmons, an incumbent board member.

Schwartz who made the motion for a delay after earlier seeking an immediate decision, said "it was pointless" to continue last night. Kinlow said the experience was "frustrating -- period."

Schwartz will serve as board president until a successor is named.

To elect a president, who presides over Board meetings and acts as its principal spokesman, six votes are needed from the 11 members.

Schwartz is part of a former majority faction that strongly supported superintendent Vincent E. Reed and was opposed to demands by teachers whose union conducted a strike last spring.

Kinlow, is part of a new faction elected with the support of Mayor Marion Barry. Simmons is part of the old minority faction on the Board critical of Reed.

In last night's voting, Schwartz was supported by W. Calvin Lockridge, Alaire B. Rieffel and John E. Warren. Kinlow was backed by Nathaniel Bush, Linda W. Cropp and Frank Smith Jr. Simmons was backed by Frank Shaffer-Corona and Bettie G. Benjamin.