The cooperation of two alert citizens led to the arrest late last week of two men in connection with the robbery of a bank in eastern Fairfax County.

Both people spotted an alleged getaway car and took down the license tag number, investigators said this week.

After the robbery, the two citizens supplied the tag number to investigators, resulting in the arrests of Anthony Coluccio, 23, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Thomas Robert Raison, 25, of 3835 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, Md.

Charles Monroe, a special agent in charge of the FBI's Alexandria office, praised the citizens for their aid in apprehending the two men.

"It was a classic example of people seeing something suspicious," Monroe said. "Thank God they took time to jot (the tag number) down."

The investigation was conducted jointly by the FBI and Fairfax County police.

On Jan. 2, police said, a man wearing a stocking over his face pulled a gun on a teller at the Virginia National branch in the Seven Corners Shopping Center and demanded money.

As he left the bank, police said, the man forced the teller at gunpoint to accompany him. When they got to the rear of the bank, police said, he ordered the teller to turn away as he fled. Police said the man then jumped into a car that was driven away by another man.

The arrest of Coluccio and Raison came after the tag number was reported and traced to a car registered in Raison's name, investigators said.

Raison was arrested in Fairfax about 5 p.m. Jan. 4, and Coluccio, who has relatives living in the county, was arrested in Fairfax a short time later.

Coluccio also has been charged in New York in a supermarket holdup and a drug case, according to New York City police officer Warren Gunch. In addition, Gunch said, Coluccio has been charged with illegally possessing an automatic handgun.

In connection with the Fairfax incident, Coluccio has been charged with armed robbery, abduction and the use of a firearm in a felony.Raison has been charged with armed robbery.

Authorities declined to disclose the amount of money stolen from the bank, and investigators said none of the money has been recovered so far.