The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has appointed its members to several state, regional and local bodies:

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG): Board Vice Chairman Martha V. Pennino (D-Centreville) and Nancy K. Falck (R-Dranesville); alternates, Audrey Moore (D-Annandale) and Thomas M. Davis (R-Mason).

COG Committees: Public Safety -- Davis; Land Use Planning -- Falck; Human Resources Policy -- James M. Scott (D-Providence); Health and Environment and Energy -- Pennino; 208 Agency for Water Quality Management -- Scott; Water Supply Advisory -- Board Chairman John F. Herrity (R).

Northern Virginia Transportation Commission: Joseph Alexander (D-Lee), Sandra L. Duckworth (D-Mount Vernon), Scott, Marie B. Travesky (R-Springfield).

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Alexander; alternate, Travesky.

Virginia Association of Counties: Alexander, Pennino, Travesky.

Virginia Municipal League Policy Committees: Effective Government and Annexation -- Pennino; Community Development -- Scott; Transportation -- Travesky; Environmental Quality -- Moore; Human Development -- Duckworth; Public Safety -- Davis.

Transportation Planning Board: Travesky; alternate, Duckworth; Air Quality Committee -- Davis.

Other appointments:

District of Columbia-Fairfax County Committee: Herrity, Alexander, Duckworth, Scott, Travesky. Fairfax City-Fairfax County Committee: Moore, Pennino, Scott, Travesky. Falls Church-Fairfax County Committee: Davis, Falck, Scott. Northern Virginia Planning District Commission: Falck, Duckworth, Moore, Scott. Health Systems Agency: Davis. Fairfax Hospital Board of Trustees: Duckworth, Moore and Scott. Crossroads Advisory Board: Alexander, Duckworth. Highway Safety Committee: Travesky. Tax Exemption Committee: Alexander, Scott and Travesky. Personnel Committee: Alexander, Moore, Scott. Board Procedures Committee: Duckworth, Travesky.