The death of GEORGE MEANY, more than his recent retirement, brings to an end a colorful and historic era in the annals of the American Trade Union Movement. Last November, in moving and memorable ceremonies, George Meany retired from the presidency of the AFL-CIO, an organization that he not only headed, but served to symbolize since its inception in 1955. The AFL-CIO played a leadership role in the free labor movement of the entire world, and George Meany was its spokesman and prime mover. His contributions and achievements are legion; no piece of U.S. Foreign Policy that had a beneficial effect on the lives of workers in other lands did not have his mark on it, and no domestic legislation affecting the lives of workers and their families failed to have his wise counsel in the making. The battle for civil rights had no more ardent and dedicated a leader; both here and abroad, he was an eloquent spokesman for the rights and aspirations of the underprivileged and the downtrodden. He spoke up for the Under-developed Nations and the Third World Nations, and the democratic State of Israel -- built on the flourishing labor movement, Histradrut -- had in George Meany a tireless champion. The constituent members of the AFL-CIO owe George Meany a great debt, and we in the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union are proud of the close cooperation and warm protective bonds that united us. He left an indelible mark on American life and he lived to enjoy the recognition and respect and affection of people of all walks of life. No man merited, or earned,, more. Amalgamated clothing AND TEXTILE WORKERS UNION, AFL-CIO CLC MURRAY H. FINLEY, Pres. JACOB SHEINKMAN, Secy.-Treas. SOL STEIN, Sr. Exec. Vice Pres. SCOTT BOYMAN, Exec. Vice Pres.