Fairfax County school board member Gary Jones, reacting to remarks by county board Chairman John F. Herrity, said this week that he agrees, in part, with Herrity's criticism of closed meetings between the school staff and county teachers.

Herrity has contended that the school board acted improperly when it authorized the closed meetings. Herrity however, failed to win support from his fellow supervisors when he brought the matter before a joint meeting of the supervisors and school board earlier this week.

Jones, in a memorandum presented to school board members Monday, said he disagreed with Herrity's contention that the discussions were improper. He said, however, that discussing teachers' concerns was the only role the school staff should have, and allowing the staff to reach an agreement on teacher's salaries was a questionable procedure.

". . . When a consensus (agreement) is reached . . . (an opinion) begins to form among the public as well as our employes that the result was, indeed, fair," Jones' memo reads. ". . . any budget proposal or adoption . . . below or above the consensus figure is perceived as 'unfair' and could engender ill-will . . . By our staff reaching a consensus with the FEA (Fairfax Education Association), the board begins to lose effective control of its own budget."