Charging the District government with unfair property taxation practices, the Federation of Citizens Associations has asked the city government to form a study group to analyze assessments.

"(We have) found that low-priced houses are overassessed and higher-priced houses are assessed lower than market value," said Chevy Chase Citizen Association delegate Robert Stiehler, referring to a recent study on property assessments in 1977 and 1980. That report, conducted by Citizens for Fair Assessment, was presented to the City Council's committee on finance and revenue Friday.

"This city can take the lead in tax reform," Stiehler told the other 23 association delegates at a meeting Thursday.

In another action, the federation agreed to urge members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to adopt an amendment to the federal criminal-code that would set stricter guidelines for release on bail.

In response to a question concerning the federation's activities extending to federal level, acting president George Frain said, "If we're serious about protecting the public, we have to make an effort to get the bill accepted."

Over the past five years, the group's effort in support of bail bond reform have been blocked in the Senate. The House has passed a bill setting stricter requirements for release on bail in two previous sessions of Congress.

The federation also will try to determine if public hearings or environmental impact studies were done before the traffic pattern on 13th Street NW was changed. The street recently was shifted from one-way traffic during rush hour to two-way at all times.