An automobile driven by a Herndon man went out of control last night and rammed into the house of a neighbor. The motorist was dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bayfield were on the second floor of their two-story house at 522 Dranesville Rd., a few minutes before midnight, watching the returns from the Iowa caucuses when it happened.

"There was this tremendous crash that shook the whole house," Mrs. Bayfield said. "My husband and I ran downstairs."

They found that a late-model auto had smashed into the house, opening a large crack in the living room wall.

Andrew Albert Mularcik, 53, of 519 Fillmore, St., was driving when his car, traveling east on Fillmore street, went out of control, jumped a curb, and, according to authorities, churned across about 60 feet of lawn before striking the Bayfields' home.

Three fire companies sent equipment to the home, about 20 miles from Washington on the northwestern edge of Fairfax County.

Mularcik was taken to the Access Hospital at Reston. Authorities said they did not know what caused his death or whether he died before striking the house.

Bayfield, described by neighbors as pastor of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, and his wife were uninjured.

The full extent of damage to their house was not immediately known.

A county building inspector was reported on his way to the home early his morning.