The following is a list of people who have registered as lobbyists during the period of Dec. 16 through Jan. 4. Included are the lobbyists' names and the organizations they represent. Wilfred K. Adolphi, Jr. --

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, Inc. Daniel T. Balfour --

Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police. Peggy A. Bandrick --

Handicaps Unlimited of Virginia. Valdemar Bodin --

Institute of Electrical and Electric Engineers. Barabra S. Bolton --

Virginia Nurses' Association. Kevin M. Boyle --

Virginia Education Association. J. R. Bush --

Lumber Manufacturers of Virginia.

Benjamin C. Campbell --

Kemper Insurance Group. Donald W. Carl --

Virginia Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association, Inc. Douglas V. Carson --

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, Inc. Joseph C. Carter Jr. --

Philip Morris Incorporated Philip Morris, U.S.A. Challen E. Caskie --

Southern Railway Systems. E. D. Catterton --

Virginia Petroleum Jobbers Association. Henry M. Clark --

Pepsi Cola Bottlers of Washington, D.C., Inc. A. G. Clark Jr. --

Amoco Oil Company. B. V. Cooper --

Virinia Surface Mining and Reclamation Association, Inc. George W. Costello --

Virginia Education Association. William S. Cudlipp Jr. --

Virginia Credit Union League. Harwell M. Darby Jr. --

Virginia Dental Service Plan. John G. DeMoss --

Virginia Food Dealers Association. Joan S. Dixon --

Virginia Governmental Employees Association. George B. Douglas III --

Virginia Cable Television Association. Aldrich Dudley Jr. --

Independent Telephone Companies. John W. Edmonds III --

Virginia Mortgage Bankers Association. William F. Etherington --

Independent Insurance Agent of Virginia. Eugene H. Farley --

Virginia Credit Union League. James E. Fox --

Virginia Aggregates Association. Dennis M. Friel --

Virginia Education Association. Sue M. Gift --

Independent Bankers Association of Virginia. Joseph J. Gilboy --

Crown Central Petroleum Corporation. Hobson C. Goddin --

Virginia Nurses Association. Judy Crockett Goldberg --

ACLU of Virginia. Gerry Gripper --

Virginia Education Association. Barby C. Halstead --

Virginia Education Association. Andrew F. Heatwole --

Virginia Association of Realtors. C. Duval Holt. Jr. --

The Babcock and Wilcox Company. Larry B. Houck --

Central Telephone Company of Virginia. Melvin W. Jefferson --

Virginia Governmental Employees Association. Bruce B. Keeney --

Virginia Optometric Association. Chan Kendrick --

ACLU of Virginia. Robert D. LaLone --

Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. Edward E. Lane --

Farm Credit Banks of Balitmore. Edward E. Lane --

Virginia Food Dealers Association, Inc. Richard S. Lawton --

Virginia Savings and Loan League. Ernest M. Le Sueur --

Beneficial Management Corporation of America. Buford S. Lindsay --

Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects. Elaine V. Lois --

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce. Calvin F. Major --

Virginia Bus Association. H. L. Merchant --

C&P Telephone Company. T. J. Markow --

Virginia Optometric Association. Leo J. Marshall --

Tidewater Builders Association. C. Arthur Middleton Jr. --

Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. J. Maurice Miller Jr. --

American Council of Life Insurance. Thomas O. Moak Jr. --

Virginia Lung Association. Paul E. Mullinix --

Southern States Cooperative. James B. Muncy --

Virginia Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, Inc. Charles P. Murray Jr. --

Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects. Douglas M. Nabhan --

Farm Credit Banks of Baltimore. Douglas M. Nabhan --

Virginia Food Dealers Association, Inc. Douglas M. Nabhan --

Association of Non-Commerical Television Stations. Thomas L. Osborne --

Virginia Society of the American Insitute of Architects. James A. Payne --

Virginia Council of Churches. W. O. Pearce --

Virginia Bankers Association. Pamela Kent Pettus --

Conservation Council of Virginia. Mrs. Richard S. Reynolds III --

Bravo Arts, Inc. J. Linwood Rice --

Virginia Motel Association. James C. Roberts --

Home Beneficial Life Insurance Company. Jamees C. Roberts --

Virginia Cable Television Association. James C. Roberts --

American Insurance Association. James C. Roberts --

Virginia Chiropractors Association, Inc. James C. Roberts --

American Council of Life Insurance. R. H. Robinson --

General Telephone Electronics Corporation. William R. Shands Jr. --

The Continental Group, Inc. Mark Irwin Singer --

Virginia Chapter, National Electronical Contractors Association. K. Frank Smith --

Tidewaters Builders Association. Marvis Luther Smith --

Virginia Association of Launderers & Cleaners, Inc. William F. Stark --

Virginia Credit Union League. Chester E. Starkey --

Lynchburg Gas Company. Chester E. Starkey --

Roanoke Gas Company. Chester E. Starkey --

Commonwealth Gas Services, Inc. Chester E. Starkey --

Commonwealth Gas Pipeline Corporation. David E. Stephenson --

National Federation of Independent Business. William Stepka --

Virginia Conference American Association of University Professors. William Arthur Sumpter --

Fidelity Bankers Life Insurance Company. Idell Swett --

Virginia Education Association. Donald R. Taylor --

Exxon Company, U.S.A. Robert B. Terrell --

Newport News Shipbuilding. Hugh A. Thatcher --

C&P Telephone Company. George S. Thompson --

Virginia Governmental Employees Association. Martha Jean Treadwell --

League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area. T. Preston Turner --

American Association of Retired Persons/National Retired Teachers Association. Mrs. Pat K. Watkins --

Virginia Dental Association. Anne P. Werner --

Direct Mail-Marketing Association. Jon White --

Virginia Education Association. Anne Marie Whittemore --

Crown Central Petroleum Corporation. Lawrence V. M. Wichham --

Virginia Oil Fuel Institute. Carrington Williams --

Hazelton Laboratories-America Inc. Y. B. Williams Jr. --

Newsport News Shipbuilding. John E. Wilson --

Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects. W. Luke Witt --

Continental Group, Inc. W. Luke Witt --

Virginia Auto & Truck Salvage Dealers Association. W. Luke Witt --

Virginia Dairy Products Association, Inc. W. Luke Witt --

Virginia Taxicab Association. Robert Blair Woodward --

Heavy Construction Contractors Association.