Prince George's and Montgomery legislators have been named to the following committee posts in the Senate and House of Delegates. Senate Budget of Taxation Committee.

Laurence Levitan (D-Dist. 15), Peter A. Bozick (D-Dist. 27), Tommie Broadwater Jr. (D-Dist. 25), Victor L. Crawford (D-Dist. 20). Constitutional and Public Law.

Edward T. Conroy (D-Dist. 24), Howard A. Denis (R-Dist. 16), B. W. Mike Donovan (D-Dist. 26), S. Frank Shore (D-Dist. 17). Economic Affairs.

Arthur Dorman (D-Dist. 21), Sidney Kramer (D-Dist. 19). Finance Committee.

Thomas P. O'Reilly (D-Dist. 23). Judicial Proceedings.

John J. Garrity (D-Dist. 22), Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (D-Dist. 28), Margaret C. Schweinhaut (D-Dist. 18). House Judiciary Committee.

Joseph E. Owens (D-Dist. 17), Joel Chasnoff (D-Dist. 14A), Dennis Donaldson (D-Dist. 26), Jerry H. Hyatt (D-Dist. 15A), Pauline H. Menes (D-Dist. 21), Joseph F. Vallario Jr. (D-Dist. 28). Appropriations.

Charles S. Blumenthal (D-Dist. 27), Jennie M. Forehand (D-Dist. 17), Nancy K. Kopp (D-Dist. 16), Timothy F. Maloney (D-Dist. 21), Constance A. Morella (R-Dist. 16), Frank B. Pesci Sr. (D-Dist. 23), Charles J. Ryan (D-Dist. 24). Ways and Means.

Gerald F. Devlin (D-Dist. 24), Stewart Bainum, Jr. (D-Dist. 20), Hugh Burgess (D-Dist. 14B), Idamae Garrott (D-Dis. 19), Lucille Maurer (D-Dist. 19), Richard A. Palumbo (D-Dist. 22), David L. Scull (D-Dist. 18), Lorraine M. Sheehan (D-Dist. 26). Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Anne E. Baker (D-Dist. 14B), David Bird (D-Dist. 23), Robin Ficker (R-Dist. 15B), Helen L. Koss (D-Dist. 19), Robert S. Redding (D-Dist. 23), Donald B. Robertson (D-Dist. 18), Luiz Simmons (R-Dist. 17), Francis W. White (D-Dist. 26), Slyvania W. Woods, Jr. (D-Dist. 25). Economic Matters.

Frederick C. Rummage (D-Dist. 27), Nathaniel Exum (D-Dist. 25), Frank J. Jomenda (D-Dis. 27), Ida G. Ruben (D-Dist. 20), Francis J. Santangelo Sr. (D-Dist. 25), Patricia R. Sher (D-Dist. 18). Environmental Matters

Kay G. Bienen (D-Dis. 21), Hugh Burgess (D-Dis. 14B), Anthony Cicoria (D-Dis. 22), Marilyn Goldwater (D-Dis. 1l), Sheila Ellis Hixson (D-Dis. 20), Thomas J. Mooney (D-Dist. 22), Joan Pitkin (D-Dis. 2j), Judith C. Toth (D-Dis. 15B).

The following is a list of committee hearings of key issues scheduled in Annapolis today and tomorrow. Today Senate Budget and Taxation Committee

James Office Building, Room 100, 10 a.m.; Budget Hearing on State Board for Higher Education, State Board for Community Colleges, State Scholarships Board, Higher Education Loan Corporation, Maryland School for the Deaf, and Maryland public Broadcasting Commission. Senate Constitution & Public Law

James Office Building; Room 400; 10 a.m. (S.J.R. 4) United States Constitutional Amendment. Economic Matters Committee

Lowe House Office Building Room 150; 1 p.m. (H.B. 8) Retail Service Stations-Posting Prices; (H.B. 11) Motor Fuel-Display of Prices; (H.B. 28) Gasoline and Special Fuel -- Display of Prices; (H.B. 313) Retail Service Station Dealers -- Posting Prices; (H.B. 517) Gasoline & Special Fuels -- Display of Prices; (H.B. 29) Fuel Price Commission; (H.B. 30) Petroleum Products -- Bulk Sales; (H.B. 465) Commercial Law -- Extension of Warranties. Friday Senate Budget and Taxation Committee

James Office Building, Room 100, 10 a.m. Budget Hearing on Department of Assessments and Taxation, Property Tax Assessment Appeal Boards, Maryland Tax Court, and Department of Personnel. Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

James Senate Office Building, Room 300, 10 a.m. (S.B. 160), Juvenile Causes; (S.B. 202) Child Neglect -- Reporting; (S.B. 243) Uniform Commercial Transactions. House Appropriations Committee

Lowe Office Building, Room 130, 2 p.m. Programs and Policy Discussion of Higher Education.