The following is a list of committee hearings on key issues scheduled in Annapolis for the upcoming week. Today Senate Constitutional and Public Law Committee. James Senate Office Building, Room 400, 10 a.m.

(S.B. 406) Vehicle Laws -- Chemical Tests for Intoxication.

(S.B. 407) Motor Vehicle Laws -- Driving While Intoxicated.

(S.B. 387) Vehicle Laws -- Drivers' Records.

(S.B. 302) Courts and Judical Proceedings -- Administrative Search Warrants. Judicial Proceedings Committee. James Office Building, Room 300, 10 a.m.

(S.B. 245) Jury Trials In Criminal Cases.

(S.B. 246) Jury Trials in Criminal Cases.

(S.B. 249) Ouster of District Court Jurisdiction in Criminal Cases by Demand For Jury Trial.

(S.B. 247) Appeals from District Court Convictions.

(S.B. 248) Appeal from District Court Conviction.

(S.B. 256) Appeal from District Court Conviction.

(S.B. 46) Criminal Cases -- State's Right to Appeal.

(S.B. 287) District Court -- Jurisdiction. House Ways and Means Lowe Office Building, Room 110, 1 p.m.

(H.B. 34) Solar and Wind Powered Devices.

(H.B. 78) Fraternities and Sororities.

(H.B. 96) Elderly Persons Under "Gross Income".

(H.B. 102) Fraternities and Sororities.

(H.B. 180) Senior Citizens.

(H.B. 254) Churches.

(H.B. 492) Manure Banks.

(H.B. 689) Homeowners' Tax Credit Program -- Corrective. Feb. 5 House Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee Lowe Office Building, Room 140, 1 p.m.

Executive Order -- Reorganization of State Government -- The Office of Minority Affairs.

(H.J.R. 15) Ten Per Cent Program -- Minority Business Enterprise.

(H.B. 242) Occupational Safety -- Employer's Duties.

(H.B. 632) Workmen's Compensation -- Insurance Rates for Construction Contracts.

(H.B. 669) Public Assistance to Employable Persons -- Workmen's Compensation.

(H.B. 719) The Initiative.

(H.J.R. 23) The International Year of the Disabled. Feb. 6 Economic Matters Committee Lowe Office Building, Room 150, 1 p.m.:

(H.B. 6) Unemployment -- Minimum Qualifying Wages.

(H.B. 59) Unemployment Compensation Benefits -- Ex-offenders.

(H.B. 318) Unemployment Insurance -- Employes of Boards of Education.

(H.B. 518) Umemployment Insurance -- Employes of Educational Institutions.

(H.B. 678) Unemployment Insurance Law.

(H.B. 116) Domestic Workers -- Overtime Pay.

(H.B. 169) Deaf Persons. House Environmental Matters Committee Lowe Office Building, Room 160, 1 p.m.

(H.B. 86) Public Service Commission -- Gas Heating Surcharge.

(H.B. 174) Public Service Commission -- Notice of Rate Change.

(H.B. 223) Public Service Commission -- Service Termination.

(H.B. 247) Gas and Electric Companies -- Discontinuation for Late Payment.

(H.B. 276) Gas and Electric Companies Late Charges.

(H.B. 402) Prince George's County Gas and Electric Companies -- Discontinuation for Late Payment. House Judiciary Committee Lowe Office Building, Room 120, 1 p.m.

(H.B. 398) Drug Paraphernalia -- Manufacture, Sale, Delivery or Possession.

(H.B. 405) Drug Paraphernalia.

(H.B. 427) Controlled Dangerous Substances -- Paraphernalia.

(H.B. 674) Washington County Commissioners -- Drug Paraphernalia.

(H.B. 702) Gaming -- Forfeiture of Contraband.

(H.B. 703) Controlled Dangerous Substances -- Forfeiture of Contraband.

(S.B. 63) Controlled Dangerous Substances -- Paraphernalia.