"Resource scarcity is no longer just a threat to be used to discourage new programs. It is now a fact of life that will require us to strain to maintain the current program."

Del. Richard Bagley (D-hampton), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, on the lack of tax revenue.

Legislation sought by many Virginians for years, repeal of the state's 3 percent sales tax on food, has been introduced once again in the General Assembly.

Sen. Clive L. DuVal II (D-Fairfax) and Del. Warren G. Stambaugh (D-Arlington) sponsored identical bills. They were cochairmen of a joint subcommittee that studied the sales tax question last year.

It faces formidable opposition.

Gov. John N. Dalton has let it be known that if legislators want to slice a big chunk of money from the revenue side of the budget, they better come up with another source of money or resign themselves to cutting spending.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Bagley (D-Hampton) cautioned delegates last week what the consequences of such a repeal would bring.

He said he was not speaking of the merits of the plan, but only of the repercussions. He urged that any food tax repeal bill, if passed, be phased in, and by no means made effective for the upcoming 1980-82 budget period beginning July 1.