The following is a partial list of people who have registered as lobbyists during the 1980 Virginia General Assembly. Included are the lobbyists' names and the organizations they represent. Bevin R. Alexander --

Virginia Hotel and Motel Association John H. Allison --

Virginia Building Material Association Marion R. Anderson --

Virginia Farm Bureau Association Walter C. Ayers --

American Petroleum Institute John J. Baldino --

Virginia Education Association Wilford H. Ball III --

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia Bruce A. Beam --

Appalachian Power Company Frank C. Bedell --

American Petroleum Institute Sam Bendheim III --

National Association of Theatre Owners of Virginia Marc D. Benson --

Virginia Education Association Edmund L Benson III --

Indepentent Insurance Agents of Virginia Thomas M. Berry --

Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants Richard A. Beskin --

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia Jack G. Bess --

Virginia Automatic Merchandising Association Jack G. Bess --

Tobacco Tax Council Jack G. Bess --

Virginia Wholesalers & Distributors Association John B. Boatwright Jr. --

Virginia Railway Association Edward Boggs --

Virginia Education Association John E. Bonfadini --

Prince William Electric Corporative Harry K. Bowman --

Virginia Association of Electric Co-ops Carl F. Bowmer --

Home Builders Association of Virginia Philip G. Cann --

Virginia Retail Merchants Association Blaine L. Carter --

The Virginia Coal Association Emily J. Carver --

Independent Insurance Agents of America Alan R. Caudill --

Virginia Education Association James B. Chapman IV --

Virginia Education Association Francis A. Cherry Jr. --

Virginia Railway Association Marion A. Christian --

Virginia Education Association Herbert J. Clegg --

Virginia Restaurant Association Daphne Copeland Colthrope --

General Electric Company James Robert Corbett --

Christian Science Churches of Virginia William H. Craig Jr. --

Virginia Road and Transportation Builders Association Walter B. Credle --

Virginia League of Social Services Executives E. L. Crump Jr. --

Vepco Zachariah C. Dameron Jr. --

Virginia Manufacturers Association J. D. Davenport --

Home Builders Association of Richmond, Inc. Alan W. Davis --

Virginia State Chamber of Commerce Carl E. Davis --

Virginia Education Association Richard S. Davis --

Virginia Public Health Association Frederick Deane Jr. --

Bank of Virginia Company Garry G. DeBruhl --

Virginia Soft Drink Association Garry G. DeBruhl --

Virginia Wholesalers & Distributors Association Garry G. DeBruhl --

Virginia State Police Association Garry G. DeBruhl --

Virginia Automatic Mechandising Association Gerry G. DeBruhl --

Chiropractic Society of Virginia Constance G. Deitrick --

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Joseph B. Dent Jr. --

Virginia Education Association Terry L. DiGruttolo --

Virginia Education Association Rolland W. Doerfer --

Virginia Education Association Douglas A. Donald --

Exxon Company, U.S.A. J. William Doswell --

Virginia Optometric Association J. William Doswell --

Hampton Roads Maritime Association J. William Doswell --

Virginia State Library Association J. William Doswell --

Nationwide Insurance J. William Doswell --

Virginia Restaurant Association James F. Duckhardt --

AGC of Virginia Charles R. Duvall Jr. --

Virginia Association of Realtors Peter Easter --

Car & Truck Rental & Leasing Association of Virginia Peter Easter --

Virginia Association of Broadcasters Peter Easter --

Virginia Construction Suppliers & Subcontractors Association Peter Easter --

Virginia Association of Marine Industries Peter Easter --

Masonry Contractors Association of Virginia Peter Easter --

Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association Joanne W. Edwards --

Virginia Society of Professional Engineers Urchie B. Ellis --

RF&P Railroad Company Hermanze E. Fauntleroy Jr. --

Virginia Education Association Michael E. Fawley --

Virginia Road & Transportation Builders Association Jean W. Felberg --

Virginia Congress of PTAs Julian Ferras --

Virginia Education Association Walther B. Fidler --

Virginia Manufacturers Association Charles F. Finley --

Virginia Forestry Association Edgar J. Fisher --

Virginia Council Health and Medical Care, Inc.