Darryl Lewis, 14, 9th grader at Langely Junior High: "It is easier to learn about things that happened a long time ago if there are blacks involved. We just learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and -- I can't remember his name (Crispus Attucks) -- but the first man who died in the Revolutionary War." Connie VanFlandern, 13, 8th grader at Deal Junior High: "There are a lot of interesting points in black history, and I don't think we're taught enough about it. I think that there are many parts of black history that are more valuable than what we do study." Slina Hansborough, 17, a McKinley Tech junior: "It's important because we need to know more about the history of our black race, and have a sense of how things were in the past." Donald Baisey, 17, a McKinley junior: "I don't think it's important. We're just wasting time. We should be taking courses we could use in the future instead of learning about the past." Deirdre Kane, 13, an 8th grader at Deal: "I think it's important, just like any other history is important. And I think it should be stressed because we have not paid enough attention to it in the past." Valerie Culler, 16, a McKinley junior: "I think it's important because I feel that black people don't know enough about where we came from. I don't know a lot, but I'm learning." Erica Bereneman, 13, an 8th grader at Deal: "It's important because we have to live with blacks, and as whites we should be learning about them along with every other culture." Gloria Wilkins, 15, a McKinley freshman: "If you don't know about your past how are you going to know about your present? Our books have improved since I have been in school. When I was in junior high we did not have too many black people in our history books."