Dear Dr. Miller:

While I don't want one as a pet, I have a couple of questions concerning that interesting animal the white rhinoceros. First, how do you milk ONE, AND SECOND, CAN THEY SWIM? --J.T.

First, I don't milk a rhinoceros. I wouldn't recommend that you try it either . . . Second, swimming is impractical for the white rhinoceros since it can't hold its huge head up for any length of time. It would likely drown! Dear Dr. Miller:

I've no problem, I just thought I'd pass along a money-saving tip. I used to mix a part of a can of expensive dog food with a bit of hot water and mix that in with the dog's dry kibble so that he would eat it.

Lately my butcher's been giving me big soup joints sawed in two (lengthways) and I cook those and get the good juice out them . I just pour that over the kibble and the dog loves it, and no expensive CANNED DOG FOOD TO BUY. -- J.L.

Not many butchers today will provide free bones (some might sell the smell if they could but that would certainly be an economical flavor-enhancer when available. An alternative, inexpensive approach is simply to teach your dog to appreciate good quality dog meal. Picky pooches are generally raised permissively. If they're taught when young to eat the comparatively) economical dog meal or kibble without garnishment, it saves you the fuss and financial stress of adding anything. Many people like to add some canned food or whatever to this meal, however, and if it makes the owner and the dog happier, fine. But it's not nutritionally necessary. Dear Dr. Miller:

Janet my guinea pig, has something wrong with one of her big lower teeth in the corner. It's growing clear out of her mouth and up along the side of her face. CAN THIS PROBLEM BE CURED? --B.D.

The overgrown incisor tooth can and should be clipped back to a more normal length. This would not cure the problem, however. Most cases are due to genetic factors, and there is no cure.