Gov. Harry Hughes' plan to establish an office of minority affairs on his staff met stiff opposition in a House committee last week for the unlikely reason that the office may be opposed in the Senate.

Some members of the Appropriations Committee said the proposal to elevate the existing office of minority business enterprise to the governor's staff would be killed in the Senate because it would deprive the Senate of its authority to approve the appointment of the director.

"Have you presented this monument to folly to the Senate?" Del. Louis L. DePazzo (D-Baltimore County) asked Hughe's legislative counsel Judson Garrett. "Aren't we really rearranging the furniture on the Titanic?"

DePazzo insisted the executive order to accomplish the change amounted to little more than usurpation of power by the governor.

"It's not usurpaton," Garrett said.

"It will do until the usurpation comes along," DePazzo responded.

Garrett said the governor wanted the office, which helps minority business obtain state contracts on his own staff "to give it more visibility, to demonostrate its priority among executive department programs."

He proposed extending the limit for filing criminal charges against juveniles to 30 days.

Connell also said his bill, if approved by the House and Senate, should take effect immediately to aid prosecutors who fear the dismissal of hundreds of their juvenile cases.