Muscles are molded and dreams woven at Police Boys and Girls Club No. 11, 620 Milwaukee Place SE. For many members, sports is the ticket out. How do these young people feel about a boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympic games? Kevin Wages, 20, Air Force, boxing: "From the start I had mixed emotions because I've been boxing for 13 years, and I had my heart set on it. I tried to make the '76 Olympics, but I didn't. I was hoping to make the 1980 team . . . I'm not a young man and I can't afford to wait around for another Olympic game. But I thought about the military aspect and my patriotic aspects. I'm pretty much behind President Carter . . ." john Cook, 11, Congress Heights Elementary: "I think they should stay and not go to the Olympics but I would be upset if I had practiced and trained to show what I could do." Larry Banks, 18, University of the District of Columbia, basketball: "I feel sorry for all the people who were trying out 'cause I know they were looking forward to the Olympics a lot, but I'm for the boycott in a way. I'd still like to see the athletes get a chance to participate . . . I know I'd want to go after all that training and all. I guess you have to look at it from two sides." Glenn Harris, 10, Congress Heights Elementary, basketball: "I don't know much about it. I heard something about it on TV, but I hadn't pay that much attention."

Timothy Ferguson, 12, Johnson Jr. High, basketball: "I heard about Jimmy Carter trying to stop it. The Olympics people say if it's no war, let it go on. I think if Russia don't give them any problems they should go ahead and have it, and get the thing over with. And then if any problems or circumstances come up after that they could go ahead and deal with it then." Steve Birks, 14, Hart Jr. High, boxing: "I don't know that much about it, but I think they shouldn't boycott the Olympics because it's always nice to see U.S. boxers win all those medals."

Tony Wright, UDC, 18, basketball: "It's unfortunate to see a lot of people who can't go and participate and show the people in the United States, Moscow and Europe what they can do. It's gonna be bad . . . The Olympics is a big hope for a lot of people. A lot of people gonna get a big break. I think it's gonna be bad for me or anybody else in the city if they want to try out for the Olympics.