District residents concerned about issues affecting the family can take part this month and next in a series of ward-level conferences or a citywide conference organized in preparation for the White House Conference on Families in June.

"We are seeking the broadest possible participation by District residents in this series of conferences," said Audrey Rowe, the District's coordinator for the White House Conference.

Participants in the District wardlevel conferences will talk about ways government or business can strengthen and support family life.

Residents who are at least 13 years old and who speak at any of the conferences will also be able to enter their names as nominees for the District delegation to the national conference.

Conferences in Wards 2 through 8 will be held Saturday at 9 a.m. The program includes testimony from community residents and workshops on topics including family strength the changing family and families and institutions. The first mini-conference for Ward 1 residents were held last Saturday.

The conference will be held at: Ward 2, District Building, Council Chambers, 14th and E streets NW, (call June W. McCarron at 638-7300, ext. 554); Ward 3, American University, Auditorium No. 1, Massachusetts and Nebraska avenues NW, (call Anne Fairbanks, 466-3161): Ward 4. Sharpe Health School, 4300 13th St. NW, (call Alvis Adair at 636-7318 or Annie Goodson at 727-0780 or 882-8735); Ward 5, Gallaudet College, Hall Memorial Building, Room 213, Seventh Street and Florida Avenue NE, (call William Johnson Sr. at 426-0662 or 529-8046); Ward 6, Therapeutic Recreation Cennter, 3030 G St. SE, (call Thelma Reynolds, 397-6009); Ward 7, First Rock Baptist Church, Alabama Avenue and G Street SE (call Francis Henry, 584-0148); Ward 8, Washington Highlands School, Eight and Yuma streets SE, (call Karen L. Jones, 724-8062).

Residents who would like to testify at the ward conferences should register by calling 462-3375 or 462-4796. The conferences are scheduled for places accessible to handicapped persons. Handicapped persons in need of transportation may contact Shirley Brookins at 347-4986.

The citywide conference will be held on Feb. 29 and March 1 at Howard University's Blackburn Center. A final platform of issues to take to the national conference will be developed, and one delegates to the national conference will be selected from each ward.