Five regional public hearings will be held in Maryland this month, in preparation for the White House Conference on Families.

The conference was called by President Carter to "examine the strengths of American families, the difficulties they face, and the ways in which family life is affected by public policy."

Information from the regional hearings will constitute Maryland's report to the National White House Conference on Families Office.

The regional hearing for Montgomery and Prince George's Counties will be held Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at High Point High School in Beltsville. Individual family members, young people, representatives of organizations and agencies concerned about families, members of the academic community, religious and business leaders are encouraged to participate and share their ideas, concerns and solutions to the problems faced by families today.

Though the deadline has passed for registration to testify at the regional hearing, residents can still attend as observers and submit written testimony that will be included in the record of the hearing. Feb. 16 is the deadline for submitting written testimony to Ernestine Wormwood, Office of Family Resources, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville, 20850.

In addition, a short session will be held during the public hearing for persons who have not pre-registered to testify. Each person who registers at the hearing will be allowed to speak for two minutes. Proof of residency will be required. For more information, call Ernestine Wormwood at 279-1530.

Persons attending the regional hearings will also elect delegates to the White House Conference on Families, to convene June 5-7 in Baltimore.