The Vienna Town Council this week added its voice to those of hundreds of area residents protesting the closing of one of the town's two Safeway markets.

The Vienna Safeway on Cedar Lane and another at Fairfax Circle both are being closed Saturday in conjunction with the opening Sunday of a new and slightly larger Safeway in the new Pan Am Shopping Center at Lee Highway (Rte. 50) and Nutley Street. Safeway representatives have said there are no plans to close the Safeway in downtown Vienna.

More than 500 Vienna residents last week signed a petition against the closing of the Cedar Lane store.

"Most of the signers are residents of Vienna Park Apartments; many are elderly and some are without cars and need a store close by they can walk to," said Barbara Mosser, one of the petition organizers who lives in Vienna Park.

Mosser complained that Safeway had not given enough notice of the closing. While some people heard of the closings by word of mouth, she said the signs announcing it did not go up until about a week ago.

Safeway spokesman Larry Johnson said the one-week notice is company policy and the procedure followed in numerous Safeway closings here in recent years.

The Vienna Town Council Monday night adopted a resolution urging Safeway to keep the Cedar Lane store open. Mosser said residents planned to present their petition to Safeway this week.

Safeway spokesmen said they had agreed to meet with the residents and would welcome any other food chain moving into the stores. "But we don't feel we're hurting anybody. We're opening a new store and trying to help residents," said Safeway spokesman Johnson. "In fact, until this week we haven't had a single complaint about the closing of either store."