Leaders of the antiabortion movement in the Maryland House of Delegates met with supporters of abortion funding last week to put the finishing touches on a pregnancy counseling program they all support. The bill establishing the program would give state grants to public and private groups maintaining pregnancy and parenthood programs for youths between the ages of 11 and 19, and would establish a new state board to coordinate the program. Whatever the fate of the measure finds in the legislature, sponsors believe they have won the biggest battle by bringing together 'pro' and 'anti' forces. . . Del. Luiz Simons (R-Montogomery) released a survey of the state gasoline stations showing that during January 28 out of 100 were overcharging by an average of 1.3 cents a gallon in violation of federal price regulations. Simmons introduced a resolution asking Gov. Harry Huges to obtain authority from the Department of Energy and order retail gasoline station audits by state authority. . . Mary Avara, a self proclaimed protector of Maryland's movie morals, last week urged a Senate committee to save the state censorship board. Avara wants the senators to kill the state's so called "sunset law" which will abolish the nation's only statewide censor board. The House has voted to keep the censor board alive but the Senate is not expected to do so.