This is a partial listing of lobbyists who have registered during the 1980 General Assembly. Judith C. Goldberg, Richmond. American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. Angus H. Macaulay, Richmond. Virginia Association of Realtors. Gloria S. Major, Richmond. Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. Melvin R. Manning, Richmond. United States Brewers Association. R. Hunter Mansion, Richmond. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Philip S. Marstiller, Richmond. Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association. Virginia Land Title Association. Virginia Savings and Loan League. Walter A. Marston Jr., Richmond. Virginia Savings and Loan League. Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association. Virginia Land Title Association. Katherine T. Martin, Richmond. Virginia Association of Professions. Thomas B. Mason, Roanoke. Norfolk and Western Railway Company. Henry M. Massie Jr., Richmond. Allstate Insurance Company. Patricia H. Matheny, Richmond. Virginia Retail Merchants Association. Marjorie Sale McCreery, Arlington. Virginia Education Association. C. Purcell McCue Jr., Greenwood. Virginia State Horticultural Society. Walter John McGraw, Richmond. The Continental Group, Inc. Henry H. McVey III, Richmond. Anheuser -- Busch, Inc. National Association of Independent Insurers. A. H. Robins Company, Inc. J. John Medas, Norfolk. Virginia Education Association. Lulu K. Meese, Waynesboro. League of Women Voters of Virginia. Edwin O. Meyer, Richmond. Virginia Press Associations, Inc. Willard H. Miller, Danville. Virginia Education Association. Edward C. Minor, Franklin. Union Camp Corporation. David C. Minter, Covington. Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia. Ashton D. Mitchell III, Powhatan. Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia. Andrew T. Moore Jr., Richmond. Bank of Virginia Company Bank of Virginia. Ann F. Moreland, Virginia Beach. Chesapeake Chamber of Commerce. Philip B. Morris, Richmond. State Farm Mutal Automobile Insurance Co. William T. Nolley, Richmond. Virginia Manufacturers Association, Inc. John Robert Nalley, Jr. Richmond. The Continental Group, Inc. David L. Norton, Richmond. First and Merchants Corporation. Otis W. Nuckols, Richmond. Virginia Farm Bureau Mutal Insurance Company. Theodore G. Offterdinger, Lynchburg. The Mead Corporation. William A. O'Flaherty, Richmond. Tobacco Tax Council, Inc. Willard C. Osburn, Bon Air. The Medical Society of Virginia. Frederick G. Overstreet, Midlothian. Virginia Public Health Association. Hester P. Overstreet, Roanoke. Allstate Insurance Company. Fred W. Palmore Jr., Hanover. C&P Telephone Company. George Herbert Parsons, Richmond. The Continental Group, Inc. James M. Paxton, Richmond. C&P Telephone Company. David F. Peters, Richmond. Virginia Automobile Dealers Association. Ronald L. Pierce, Virginia Beach. Virginia Education Association. Patricia E. Pope, Arlington. Virginia Education Association. Sumpter T. Priddy Jr., Ashland. Virginia Retail Merchants Association. Richard Pulley, Richmond. Virginia Education Association. Susan M. Rafferty, Alexandria. Virginia Education Association. Richard Rardin, Roanoke. Virginia Education Association. Poulson C. Reed, Crozier. Souther Title Insurance Corporation. Melanie L. Rhoades, Richmond. Richmond Academy of Medicine. William C. Rigsby, Richmond. Virginia State Chamber of Commerce. Helen Rolfe, Richmond. Virginia Education Association. E. H. Roundtree, Hudgins. Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. Douglas P. Rucker Jr., Richmond. Allstate Enterprises, Inc. Mahlon K. Rudy, Richmond. Virginia Agribusiness Council.