The Montgomery County Council this week approved a resolution permitting a portion of the salaries of Chief Administrative Officer Robert Wilson and Personnel Director Clinton Hilliard to be placed in a non-taxable retirement fund.

Under the resolution, $5,000 of Wilson's $64,766 salary and $4,569 of Hilliard's $51,440 salary would be placed in the International City Management Association's deferred compensation plan to be collected when they retire.

The plan was designed for top county administrators, whose average tenure in each county is only three to four years, resulting in loss of pension as they move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

"It makes sense to eliminate them from the retirement system and give them the option of putting their salary into a retirement fund," said council member Neal Potter. "These people make real sacrifices and we haven't been giving them anything for retirement."

When County Executive Charles Gilchrist hired Wilson in January 1979, he told the council that Wilson would be paid a $55,000 salary and $5,000 for deferred retirement money. But county attorneys told the council this week that the deferred retirement money must be considered part of the employe's salary.

Wilson's salary has been increased by several thousand dollars since he was hired because of cost of living increases.