A cut in Norfolk State University's budget because of an enrollment decline will not keep the school from launching a desegregation plan with neighboring Old Dominion University, says Norfolk State President Harrison B. Wilson.

But the cuts will affect some new programs at Norfolk, Wilson said recently.

The House Appropriations Committee recommended last week that $1 million be cut from the Norfolk State budget over the next two years. It also recommended that the Old Dominion budget be increased $1.7 million, primarily for faculty pay raises.

Part of the money for predominately black Norfolk State is earmarked for a desegregation plan with predominately white Old Dominion, demanded last year by the federal government.

Wilson said the proposed cuts were "unfortunate" and "will affect certain new programs." He added that there will have to be staff cuts if the budget is trimmed. Although the Appropriations Committee recommendation are subject to full House and Senate approval, they normally are upheld.

Wilson denied that his statement meant budget cuts would make it impossible to launch the desegregation plan. "I wasn't referring to desegregation at all," he said. "In no way do we intend not to follow through and carry through the desegregation plan we have."