The following is a list of how Northern Virginia legislators voted on key issues in the Virginia House and Senate as of Tuesday: HOUSE

Auto Emmission Inspections. By a 68-16 vote, the House approved a bill that would require annual inspections of automobile emission systems. The requirement is for jurisdictions in Northern Virginia only.

Voting for the bill: Almand (D-Arlington), Barry (R-Fairfax), Buckley (R-Fairfax) Callahan (R-Fairfax), Dillard (R-Fairfax), Harris (R-Fairfax), Heinz (D-Arlington/Alexandria), Keating (D-Fairfax), Marshall (D-Arlington), McDiarmid (D-Fairfax), Perper (R-Fairfax), Rust (R-Fairfax), Speck (R-Alexandria), Bagley (D-Prince William-Loudoun), Bell (D-Prince William/Loudoun), Brickley (D-Prince William/Loudoun).

Voting against the bill: Pratt (R-Fairfax)

Not Voting: Cohen (D-Alexandria), Stambaugh (D-Arlington).

State Corporation Commission Expansion: By a 57-to-41 vote, the House voted to expand the State Corporation Commission, which oversees utilities, from the current three members to five. Commission members are appointed by the legislature.

Voting for the bill: Almand, Barry, Callahan, Cohen, Dillard, Harris, Heinz, Keating, Marshall, McDiarmid, Perper, Speck, Stembaugh, Bagley, Bell, Brickley, Pratt.

Voting against the bill: Buckley, Rust. SENATE

Sexual Assault Laws. By a 31-to-9 vote, the Senate approved a measure that revises state criminal laws regarding sexual laws. Under major provisions of the bill, a victim no longer would be required to prove physical resistance. The bill also would make it much more difficult for defense attorneys to introduce evidence of a victim's past sexual history and would require that pretrial hearings in rape cases be closed to the public.

Voting for the bill: Brault (D-Fairfax), Colgan (D-Prince William), DuVal (D-Fairfax), Gartlan (D-Fairfax), Holland (D-Arlington), Mitchell (R-Alexandria), Waddell (D-Loudoun), Saslaw (D-