A 25-year-old Washington man, paroled six months ago after serving six years of a 35-year sentence for rape, was arrested yesterday and charged with the murder of a woman who was strangled just after midnight in Southeast Washington.

The suspect, Willie Lee Mimmick, a carpenter who lives at 3939 F St. SE. was arrested at his home early yesterday after his wallet was found near the body of the 32-year-old woman behind a row of apartments in the 2100 block of Suitland Terrace.

Police identified the victim as Suella King, assistant manager of the Greyhound bus terminal in Washington. King lived at 2030 Fort Davis Dr. SE, a few blocks from where she was killed.

Police said that Mimmick was the same man that two police officiers has chased from the area moments after a security guard had reported that a man was forcing a woman behind one of the buildings of the apartment complex.

The man eluded the officiers after one of them fell and severly injured a knee. When the officers returned to the apartments, they found the woman's body in a clump of grass.Her clothes had been ripped away. Mimmick's wallet lay nearby.

Police theorized that King had parked her car and was walking to her home when she was attacked.

The security guard, Melvin Roger Phillips, told police that a small woman was struggling to free herself from a man who was described as 6 feet tall and pulling her along a walkway.

When the officiers, James Carpenter and William Lofty, went with Phillips behind the building, they saw the suspect standing in a darkened area but did not see King. The suspect ran, but officers gave up the chase when Lofty injured his knee.

The wallet found near King's body contained Mimmick's identification and the R Street address. There was no identification on the woman's body, which was listed by coroners as a "Jane Doe" for several hours. She was identified by her relatives after Mimmick's arrest.

Mimmick, according to court records, was found quilty of robbery and sexual assualt of a woman in 1973 and was sentenced to a 35-year jail term. Mimmick, who was 17-years-old and a juvenile at the time of that incident, was sentenced as an adult.

Officers said Mimmick was released from prison last summer and had been living in a southeast Washington "halfway house" until he was paroled in August.

Mimmick was arrested at his family's home on R Street, where he also was arrested in 1972.

In that case, Mimmick was convicted of raping a woman who was accosted as she entered her apartment at 3970 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, a few blocks from yesterday's incident.

Mimmick forced the woman to go into a laundry-utility room where he raped her and stole $2.75 from her purse, according to court records. He also told her to stay in the room for five minutes after he left and threatened to kill her if she did not, the records show.

His parole for the 1972 rape charge was not due to expire until 1992.

Yesterday, Superior Court Judge Shellie Bowers ordered Mimmick held without bond pending a hearing on his case next week.