The Alexandria Hospital will switch to a new telephone system Saturday. The change is designed to make it easier for the public to call the correct department and to make telephoning for patients more convenient.

All telephone numbers at the hospital will change as a result of the new system, which will allow direct dialing into many hospital departments such as the emergency department, the poison control center, patient information, out-patient scheduling and public relations.

Telephones in patient's rooms will be converted to models with a dial-in-hand feature that makes phoning easier for bedridden persons.

One part of the system will remain the same: Callers must telephone the hospital operator in order to reach a patient's room.

The main number at the hospital will be 379-3000.

The Emergency Department number will be 379-3065 and the Poison Control Center, 379-3070.

Other frequently called numbers:

Administration, 379-3167; Admitting, 379-3057; Blood Donors, 379-3500; Business Office, 379-3194; Employment and Personnel, 379-3016; Expectant Parents Class, 379-3029; Gift Shop, 379-3125; Laboratory, 379-3475; Medical Library, 379-3127; Medical Records, 379-3410; Nursing Office, 379-3142.

Patient Information, 379-3008; Patient Representative, 379-3129; Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, 379-3535; Physician Referral, 379-3134; Public Relations, 379-3196; Radiology, 379-3090; School of Nursing, 379-3173; Social Work, 379-3580; Speakers Bureau, 379-3196; Volunteers, 379-3030.