Some members of the Virginia Senate said last week a measure intended to limit the amount of postage they may use during a General Assembly session is not needed.

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Willard Moody (D-Portsmouth), would prohibit lawmakers from spending more than $100 per session on postages unless they received explicit permission from the Senate Rules Committee. Currently, there is no limit.

Moody told his colleagues the limit is necessary to curb potential abuse of the postage privilege. "We need to let the public know we do not have concern about this matter," he said.

But Sen. Wiley F. Mitchell Jr. (R-Alexandria) said the proposed limit was demeaning and had partisan implications.

"It's a feeble attempt to prove to the world that we're honest ladies and gentlemen," he said in a floor speech. He charged that any requirement for senators to obtain permission from the Democratic-controlled Rules Committee to exceed $100 could pose problems for the Republican minority.

In arguing that the measure was unnecessary, he said voters could express their disapproval at the polls of any senator who abused the postage privilege.

Other senators said the resolution was too vauge and could hamper lawmakers in responding to constituents' letters.