Most local residents can expect business as usual today as the Washington area recovers from the weekend snow storm.

Government: City, county and federal offices and courts will observe normal hours. No late arrivals will be authorized for federal workers. Local government services, such as trash collection, will be on regular schedules.

Schools: Prince George's County public schools will be closed. Schools in Fairfax County will open two hours late, but there will be no kindergarten classes all day. Schools in Arlington and Montgomery counties will open one hour late, with the exception of Magruder High School in Rockville, which will be closed because of broken water pipes.

District of Columbia public schools will be open, but a decision on possible late starting times for some schools was not expected until about 5 a.m. Schools in Alexandria were expected to open on time. Parents in all jurisdictions were advised to listen to early morning radio broadcasts for the latest information on school schedules.

Transportation: All primary and secondary roads were expected to be clear by this morning's rush hour, and District police said emergency restrictions on curbside parking will be lifted. Metro bus and subway lines will operate on normal schedules, but a Metro spokesman cautioned that buses on some routes might be delayed briefly.

National, Dulles and BWI Airports are expected to operate normally, and a spokesman for Amtrak said no weather-related train delays were anticipated.

Spokesman for Greyhound and Trailways bus companies were uncertain last night whether full service would be offered on southbound routes today. Persons seeking the latest information were advised to call Trailways at 737-5800, or Greyhound at 289-5100.