The following is a list of committee hearings on key legislative issues scheduled in Annapolis for the upcoming week. Today Senate Finance Committee: James Senate Office Building, Presidential Wing, 10 a.m.:

(S.J.R.43) The Vial of Life Program

(S.J.R.56) Maryland Emergency Medical Services Week

(S.J.R.51) Medical Assistance Personal Care Program

(S.B.646) Physicians -- Dispensing Prescription Drugs

(S.B.579) Nursing Home Receivership and Management

(S.B.631) Practice of Denture Technology. Judicial Proceedings Committee James Senate Office Building, Room 300, 10 a.m.:

(S.B.948) False Alarms

(S.B.982) Crimes -- False Alarms

(S.B.951) Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act

(S.B.964) District Court -- Exclusive Original Civil Jurisdiction

(S.B.965) Landlord and Tenant -- Repossession of Premises Essential Services (S.B.940) Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford and Howard Counties and Baltimore City -- Sunday Closing Laws

(S.B.822) Salisbury State College -- Police Force

(S.B.1018) Policemen's Bill of Rights

(S.B.871) Disabilities Advocacy Office. House Environmental Matters Committee Lowe Office Building, Room 160, 12 noon:

(H.B.1033) Gasahol -- inclusion in Annotated Code (H.B.1102) Emergency Telephone System -- Trust Fund

(H.B.1175) Ambulances -- Licensing

(H.B.1215) Governor's Emergency Powers -- Gasoline Regulations

(H.B.1411) Vehicle Laws -- Motor Vehicle Emission Inspections

(H.B.1438) Vehicle Laws -- Noise Abatement

(H.B.1469) Discipline of Physicians

(H.B.1561) St. Mary's County Appointment of Health Officer

(H.B.1563) St. Mary's County Chemical Manufacturing

(H.B.1602) Prince George's County -- Health Officer

(H.B.1673) Mental Health -- Human Service Workers -- Certification

(H.B.1677) Commission on Nursing Issues in Maryland

(H.J.R946) Inhalation of Toxic Substances

(H.J.R.58) Mental Health -- Primary Prevention of Disorders

(H.J.R.64) The Storage LOCATION OF PCB. March 7 Senate Economic Affairs Committee James Senate Office Building, Room 200, 9:30 a.m.:

(S.B.724) Vessels -- Dealer's License

(S.B.767) Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Program

(S.B.813) Bistate Agreement on the Chesapeake Bay

(S.B.920) Power Plant siting Program -- Environmental Education

(S.B.961) Charles County -- Fox Hunting or Trapping

(S.B.962) Potomac River -- Finfish & Shellfish

(s.B.847) Mortgage Brokers -- Finder's Fees

(S.B.901) Financial Institutions -- Correcting Cross-References

(S.B.915) Credit Cards -- Unrequested Cards

(S.B.958) Checking Accounts -- Waiting Period. House Appropriations Committee: Lowe Office Building, Room 130, 1 p.m.:

(H.B.422) State Employees' Pay Plan

(H.B.22) State Employees' Deferred Compensation Plan -- Board of Trustees

(H.B.1476) Maryland Racing Commission -- Merit System

(H.B.150) Baltimore County -- Public School Employees

(H.B.1054) Public School Employees -- Strikes

(H.B.1135) Baltimore County -- Education -- Labor Relations

(H.B.1606) Prince George's County -- Board of Education Agency Shop

(H.B.1627) Prince George's County -- Separate Bargaining Units for Public School

(H.B.1635) Prince George's Community College Employees -- Collective Bargaining

(H.B.1671) Education Bargaining Units

(H.B.1866) Public Employee Labor Relations. March 10 *%Senate Budget & Taxation/House

Appropriations Committee: Legislative Service Building, Joint Hearing Room, 1 p.m.:

(S.B.586) State Spending Limitations

(H.B.900) State Spending Limitations

(S.B.585) State Spending Limitations

(H.B.903) State Spending Limitations

(H.B.1090) State and Local Spending Limitations

(H.B.1695) State Spending Limitations

(H.B.1775) The State Budget Spending Limitations

(H.B.1776) State and Local Governments -- Spending Limitations

(H.B.1777) State Spending Limitations. March 11 Senate Economic Affairs Committee: James Office Building, Room 200, 10 a.m.:

(S.b.1037) Consumer Protection -- stoves & Freestanding Fireplaces -- Safety Standards

(S.B.725) Alcoholic Beveragers -- Beer & Light Wine Licenses

(S.b.969) Workmen's Compensation Commission -- Members

(S.B.973) Workmen's Compensation -- Occupational Disease

(S.b.997) Workmen's Compensation -- Stress

(S.B.1020) Development Credit Corporation of Maryland

(S.J.R.58) Loan Interest Rates

(H.B.293) Banking Institutions -- Deposit Insurance

(S.B.972) Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority

(H.B.479) Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program. March 12 House Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee: Lowe Office Building, Room 140; 1 p.m.:

(H.J.R44) Courteous State Employees

(H.J.R45) Maryland Year of the Family

(H.J.R.48) Treaty of Paris Commemorative Postage Stamp

(H.J.R.57) United States General Services Administration -- Purchasing Options

(H.J.R.73) Educational Need of the Handicapped Adult

(H.J.R.74) State Employees -- Hazardous Jobs

(H.J.R.78) McDonald's Restaurants -- Braille Menus

(H.J.R.81) Public Education -- Hearing Impaired Persons -- Manual Communication Study

(H.J.R.90) The Charter of Maryland

(H.J.R.107) Religious Cults

(H.J.R.113) Processing of Local Mail

(H.J.R.114) A Media Review Board

(H.J.R.122) Sexual Harassment in Employment.