The following is a partial list of people and the organizations they represent who have filed to lobby during the 1980 Virginia General Assembly. r

B. V. Cooper, Norton.

Virginia Surface Mining and Reclamation, Inc. George W. Costello, Reston.

Virginia Education Association. William S. Cudlipp Jr., Richmond.

Virginia Credit Union League. Harwell M. Darby Jr., Roanoke.

Virginia Dental Service Plan. John G. DeMoss, Richmond.

Virginia Food Dealers Association Joan S. Dixon, Richmond.

Virginia Governmental Employees Association. George B. Douglas III, Richmond.

Virginia Cable Television Association. Aldrich Dudley Jr., Richmond.

Independent Telephone Companies. John W. Edmonds, Richmoond.

Virginia Mortgage Bankers Association.

Virginia Bankers Association. William F. Etherington, Richmond.

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia. Eugene H. Farley Jr., Lynchburg.

Virginia Credit Union League. James E. Fox, Richmond.

Virginia Aggregates Association, Inc. Dennis M. Friel, Vienna.

Virginia Education Association. Sue M. Gift, Richmond.

Independent Bankers Association of Virginia. Joseph J. Gilboy, Richmond.

Crown Central Petroleum Corporation. C. Hobson Goddin, Richmond.

Virginia Nurses Association. Gerry Gripper, Falls Church.

Virginia Education Association. Barby C. Halstead, Vienna.

Virginia Education Association. F. Andrew Heatwole, Virginia Beach.

Virginia Association of Realtors. C. Duval Holt Jr., Lynchburg.

The Babcock & Wilcox Company. Larry B. Houck, Charlottesville.

Central Telephone Company of Virginia. Melvin W. Jefferson, Bon Air.

Virginia Governmental Employee Association. Bruce B. Keeney, Richmond.

Virginia Optometric Association. Chan Kendrick, Richmond.

ACLU of Virginia.

Robert D. LaLone, Lynchburg.

Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. Edward E. Lane, Richmond.

Farm Credit Banks of Baltimore.

Virginia Food Dealers Association, Inc.

Association of Non-Commercial Television Stations. Richard S. Lawton, McLean.

Virginia Savings and Loan League. Ernest M. LeSueur, Springfield.

Beneficial Management Corporation of America. Buford S. Lindsay, Richmond.

Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects. Elaine V. Lois, Norfolk.

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce. Calvin F. Major, Richmond.

Virginia Business Association, Inc.