These 10 major bills have been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly: D.C. Voting rights: Would ratify the amendment giving the District of Columbia full voting representation in Congress. SJR.4 Consumer Loan Interest: Would raise the interest rate ceiling from 12 to 18 percent on small, bank loans and credit card accounts. SB92. Bottle Deposit: Would establish 5-cent and 10-cent deposits on all glass bottles and containers and set up reclamation sites. HB309. Metro Financing: Also part of Hughes' transportation package, bill would increase the state share of the Metro operating deficit in Maryland to 75 percent, leaving Montgomery and Prince George's counties with a 25 percent share. HB1736, SB788. Truck Weights: Would increase the maximum allowable truck weights to 80,000 pounds on state roads. Has passed one Senate committee, but still must be voted on by the Senate budget and taxation committee. SB85 HB231. Campaign Financing: Would create public financing of campaigns for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller in 1982. HB1343. Drug Paraphernalia: Would ban the sale of drug paraphernalia and set up fines and jail sentences for failure to comply. SB63. Drinking age: Would raise the drinking age for beer and wine from 18 to 19 years old. SB26. Hazardous Waste Sites: Would set up a statwide board to find sites for dumping hazardous wastes. The bill would allow local governments to advise the board on sitting but would give no veto power to local governments. HB1481 (TABLE) (COLUMN)(COLUMN)*2*House(COLUMN)*2*Senate (COLUMN)(COLUMN)COMMITTEE(COLUMN)FLOOR(COLUMN)COMMITTEE FLOOR D.C Voting Rights:(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN)(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN)PASSED Consumer Loan Interest:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN)PASSED Bottle Deposit:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) Metro Financing:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) Truck Weights:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN) Campaign Financing:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) Drug Paraphernalia:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN)PASSED Drinking Age:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)PASSED(COLUMN)PASSED Hazardous Waste Sites:(COLUMN)X(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(END TABLE)