An accounting clerk at Howard Univerisity's college of medicine pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court yesterday to a felony fraud charge that alleged he produced fake employe records to collect more than $34,000 in payroll checks.

The government contended that George T. Hicks, 31, altered wage requisition forms to obtain the checks, which were then distributed to four men who cashed them and returned half the proceeds to Hicks.

Hicks, who lives at 4531 Dix St. NE, pleaded guilty to one count of interstate transportation of property obtained by fraud. The charge carries a penalty of up to 10 years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Two men who the government alleged cashed some of the checks, Morris G. Goodwin, 30, and Roger Johnson, 31, also each pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of false pretenses, Goodwin, who lives at 707 56th Ave., Seat Pleasant, Md., is a technician in the chemistry department at Howard's college of liberal arts, according to court records.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen R. Spivack told Judge June L. Green yesterday that Goodwin split more than $11,000 with Hicks and that Johnson shared more than $5,000 with Hicks. Johnson lives in 2835 Gainesville St. SE, court records said.

Green released all three men on personal recognizance pending sentencing. Goodwin and Johnson each face up to three years in prison.

A fourth man, Michael A. Smith, 25, who the government said cashed more than $11,000 in checks and gave half the money to Hicks, pleaded guilty in December to false pretenses. A fifth man who the government alleges was involved in the scheme has not been charged.

Smith also works at Howard as a technician at the liberal arts college chemistry department. A school spokesman said late yesterday that the university has declined to take any job action against Smith, Hicks and Goodwin until the cases against them were resolved in court.