Since Mayor Marion Barry's proposals for making up the city's budget deficit are still before the City Council, we asked people along Connecticut Avenue NW how they think the District should solve its multimillion dollar problem:

Harvey Linden, 47, owner of a Connecticut Avenue shoe store: "The cost of the deficit should be shared equally with anyone who works or lives or does business in Washington."

Stacey Lanier, 25, a courier, of Southeast: "Those people who caused it should pay. I believe in fairness. I don't think the taxpayers should pay. They did not cause the deficit."

Jo Fleming, 24, a District interior designer, of Rockville, Md.: "All people employed in the District should help pay the cost of the deficit. I am from the suburbs and I think I should pay for the District services I use, including repairing the streets."

Tong Jitsudehund, 27, a District waiter, of Bethesda: "I think business should pay the cost of the deficit. They have more money than District residents. It should be those big businesses that can afford the cost."

Jim Walden, 34, an accountant of, Northeast: "Historically, the District has mismanaged its affairs and blamed it on Congress. The District should get competent people in office who know what is happening."

Haluk Ergun, 29, a District travel agent, of Takoma Park, Md.: "I believe some part should be paid by the people who live outside the District along with D.C. businesses and homeowners."

Vicki Hayford, 20, a District accounting clerk, of Adelphi, Md.: "It is a hard question. I live in the suburbs. I think there should be a commuter tax placed on the people who drive. I use a lot of services in the District and I should pay taxes here."

Alvin Cornes, 21, a messenger, of Northwest: "It should be a cooperative effort. The cost should be shared by D.C. businesses, residents and commuters."