A 20-year-old Washington man has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after he allededly pointed a gun Thursday at James Cheek, president of Howard University, and Cheek's chauffeur, police reported.

They said Donald Anthony Smith of 318 17th Place NE was being held on a fugitive charge in Montgomery County, where he was arrested shortly after the incident.

According to D.C. police, Cheek and his chauffeur, Robert Sumler, were motoring down Georgia Avenue en route to Cheek's home when the incident occurred.

As Sumler drove in the 5800 block of Georgia Avenue, another motorist tried to force Cheek's limousine out of the line of traffic.

This continued into the 6600 block of Georgia where the man pulled his car in front of Cheek's auto and got out.

The man walked to Cheek's car and began shouting at the chauffeur. Sumler cracked the car window to find out what the problem was "You hit my car, you hit my car," the man screamed, and began kicking at the car door and trying to pull it open, investigators said.

Sumler denied the accusation. The man then went back to his car, reached into the glove compartment and returned with a small caliber handgun, police were told. The man then pointed the gun at the chauffeur and at Cheek, the investigators said.

At this point, Cheek picked up the telephone in his car, and the second motorist ran to his auto and sped north on Georgia Avenue. Cheek, meanwhile, spotted some passing police officers and reported the incident.

Officers John Perren and Chris Enourato spotted a car matching the description of the wanted vehicle in a lot at Georgia and Eastern Avenues, and saw a man fitting the assailant's description in a telephone booth.

The man apparently became suspicious, hung up the phone, crossed into Maryland and was arrested moments later by Montgomery County police who had responded.

Officers said neither Cheek nor Sumler know the suspect, and that there was no damage to Cheek's car, nor new damage to the other vehicle.