The Washington Star Company has agreed to bargain with the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild before it approaches an individual Star employe about termination of his or her employment through severance payments or buyout plans.

In a settlement agreement approved by U.S. District Judge Louis F. Oberdorfer, Star management maintained its right to seek termination agreements with individual employes if negotiations with the Guild are unsuccessful.

The Guild, which says it represents about 450 Star employes, had contended in court that Star management had violated the collective bargaining agreement between the union and the company by dealing directly with individual employes. b

As a result of the settlement agreement, approved Thursday, Oberdorfer dismissed the Guild's complaint. The Guild also agreed to withdraw an unfair labor practice complaint it had filed against the company with the National Labor Relations Board.

John Dawson, who supervises labor relations at the Star, said yesterday that the settlement agreement is a "mutually agreed upon method" to contact employes about termination, reassignment, wages, hours and other work conditions.

The settlement agreement provides that any separation agreement reached between the Guild and the Star would be voluntary and that no employe's job security would be affected if the employe refuses to leave the Star.